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  • Premo named Montana High School Journalist of the Year
  • Fake News discussion a necessity in 2017
  • site a helpful tool
  • Students receive district-level feedback
  • Online registration open for fall JEA convention in Indianapolis

With the new year comes a renewed sense of purpose

I have always hated the idea of making New Year's resolutions. I figure that if there is a change needed, one should just do his or her best to make it happen -- no matter...

January 2

MEA offers chance to connect

It was really nice getting to Helena for the day last week. The MEA annual workshops always offer something I am looking for, and I was happy to meet some journalism advisers...

October 26

Missing the days of camaraderie and fellowship

October 2

New beginnings bring stress, excitement

August 29

Sentinel HS’s Jenn Keintz shares STEM Journalism project

April 22

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A note from UM Journalism Dean Larry Abramson

“Good journalism education prepares students for the workforce, because it gets them into the world. Few other majors offer the hands-on experience that a good journalism school like ours can provide. Our students leave this place with a portfolio of work, and with connections in the community. This is a great time to get into our profession, because producers of good content have more independence than ever. Students can reach an audience almost immediately—they don’t need to wait for some big publisher to give them permission. Digital tools allow everyone to have a studio on their laptop. Students have a lot of freedom, and our school encourages them to run with that independence." Larry Abramson Dean, University of Montana School of Journalism

Outreach Program application due April 1

PARTNER PROJECT JEA is entering the second year of its partner project in partnership with the National Scholastic Press Association to deliver on-site training to journalism programs in need. All journalism teachers a...

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FROM: Journalism Education Association War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. JEA has selected the Orwell classic, “1984” as the Spring 2017 One Book. The slogans from George Orwell...

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DATE CHANGE! — Montana Journalism Day set for March 31

Information send by UM Journalism School: Please save the date for our 4th Annual Montana Journalism High School Day! What to expect: Experience life at the J-School from the perspective of current students When...

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Journalism Dean Larry Abramson to speak Feb. 16 in Great Falls

Journalism Dean Larry Abramson to speak Feb. 16 in Great Falls

January 2

As part of the "Bringing the U to You" lecture series, a collaborative effort of the UM Alumni Association and MSU Alumni Foundation, UM Journalism Dean Larry Abramson...

Seattle convention slated for April 6-9

Seattle convention slated for April 6-9

January 2

The JEA/NSPA Spring National High School Convention is being held April 6-9 in Seattle. The convention features classes, guest speakers, write-off competitions,...


November 20

  FROM: Journalism Education Association (JEA) The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national education project that empowers high school students to creat...

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Life Lessons Thanks to Yearbook  asked six women, ranging in age from 24 to 58, what life lessons their time on a yearbook staff taught them. Their honest and enlightening answers are ones...

October 16

TO: Potential Journalism Students

Richard Ecke, Viewpoints and Engagement Editor, Great Falls Tribune

Don’t go into journalism for the pay; the compensation alone probably doesn’t overcome the aggravation journalists face every day. Don’t go into journalism for t...

January 22

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Montana's high school journalists in action