JEA Mentor program an underutilized resource

By Beth Britton Great Falls

When I think back to my first year of advising newspaper — after having spent years as a reporter in Oregon and Montana — I can’t help but wonder what my experience as a new adviser would have been like if I had had someone by my side, helping guide my way.

Instead, I spent the first year (or three!) figuring things out mostly on my own. Granted, I attended a few workshops with teachers from across the country, but there is so much to learn, and I yearned for a Montana connection. I also wanted more one-on-one time with someone with experience.

Well, the JEA Mentoring Program offers advisers — especially those new to the world of high school publications — the opportunity to work under the guidance of an experienced adviser, who will not only visit your classroom but also be available via e-mail and phone for any questions, challenges and concerns you might have. I highly recommend taking advantage of this FREE program. Click on the link below, where you’ll find more information and a link to an application.