Violence, no matter the motive, is not First Amendment protest – period.

Dear supporters,

The Freedom Forum celebrates and encourages peaceful protest, but we denounce all violence. In the coming weeks there will be time to analyze what happened on Jan. 6 and how we got to this place. For now, I’d like to share how we have responded to these incidents, and our role in this discussion going forward.

  • On Friday, we’ll host a conversation with First Amendment experts David Hudson, Lata Nott and Gene Policinski to discuss the connection between the events of the past week and the First Amendment. Watch.
  • We published senior fellow Gene Policinski’s columns, “Protest is How We Talk to Ourselves as a Nation – But Violence is Not Protest” and “Capitol Rioters Trampled on First Amendment Freedoms.”
  • Gene Policinski also explained on Instagram TV why the actions taken by these mobs were not protected by the First Amendment. Watch.
  • We posted a collection of front pages on our Today’s Front Pages site so that all may see how the free press covered these events. Read or download the app.

We will continue to monitor the aftermath of these unlawful actions and provide people with expert analysis that encourages ongoing conversation about the First Amendment.

A great divide exists in this country, but the rights and values of the First Amendment can help us live safely with our deepest differences.

We appreciate all of you for supporting our mission to foster First Amendment freedoms for all.

With best regards,

Jan Neuharth

Chair and CEO

Freedom Forum