Learning with the NEW YORK TIMES

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Learning with the NEW YORK TIMES

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The New York Times is a fantastic resource for teachers in all subject areas. They offer a free eEdition classroom subscription —  students can check out the coverage and layout of the NYT each day. The EEdition features curriculum guides, resources for teachers, activities for students, lesson plans in various categories, graphic organizers and discussion starters.

The NYT also offers a really low price for teachers who want a digital subscription. It is less than $100 a year for access to everything the Times produces — can be accessed at school, at home or on your phone. Hardly a day goes by when I do not share something — a video, photo slideshow, article or editorial.

The Washington Post offers free online access, but you have to have a .gov, .mil or .edu e-mail address. I am corresponding with the subscription dept. there to see how high school teachers without the .edu address can get this. I will keep you informed.

For more information about the New York Times eEdition, visit the following:

NYT eEdition

One recent post from the NYT team offers 10 ways to teach argument writing.

How can writing change people’s understanding of the world? How can it influence public opinion? How can it lead to meaningful action?

Visit the link below to read the article and gain access to the resources.

NYT: Teaching Argument Writing

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