February RESOURCES – Check them out!

1.   GET READY! Scholastic Journalism Week is only 12 days away!

Mentor PJ Cabrera, CJE has prepared some great tools for you to help celebrate heads up the Scholastic Journalism Week, February 21 -25, 2022.
“This year’s theme is  Amplifying Voices , which asks students and advisers how they are going to not only amplify their voices but how they are going to amplify the voices of those that may be unheard.
The  committee  is developing a great week with activities to do with your students!
Make sure to head to the   JEA Website  for the week’s mini-theme and activities.

The goal is to use our platform to spotlight schools and how they celebrate #SJW2022, we  Featured Schools  on the Scholastic Journalism Week   Twitter , which we will do again. You can brag about your school, your students, and what they do   here .”

2. SPLC has some great tools for you to help celebrate. Student Press Freedom Day, February 24, 2022. Check it out  here .
3. From Quill & Scroll. Executive Director, Jeff Browne, MJE.  The Weekly Scroll  has some great information here to share with your mentees. This link is updated weekly by Jeff. Bookmark this so you can review the weekly updates he posts to share with mentees.  Updated February 7, 2022. GREAT info for covering the Olympics.

4. Tracy Anne Senna, CJE has updated her curation of topics students can localize. ***This week’s post is especially beneficial: “Column writing: Tell stories using a relatable event”. Here is the link In the news: Stories to localize for your community you can bookmark.  Save Senna’s link so you will have access to Tracy’s weekly and past curations. Updated February, 6, 2022. GREAT info for covering BOOK BANNING in schools.