NYT offers free resources for teaching writing

Teach Writing With The New York Times: A Free School-Year Curriculum in 7 Units

A flexible program for middle and high schools based on the real-world writing found in newspapers, from editorials and reviews to personal narratives and analysis essays.


Dear Reader,
We have some exciting news to share: This year, we’re offering a free school-year writing curriculum in seven units.
We’ve taken our popular offerings, like writing prompts (1,000+) and contests (10 this year!), and added new features, like a mentor-text guided practice series, to create a curriculum based on the real-world writing that can be found in The New York Times and other media. It features argumentative, informational and narrative writing as well as other engaging forms that invite students to create work that matters to them and share it with the world.
The curriculum is rooted in one of our core beliefs: that students need opportunities for everyday writing, based on engaging and relevant topics, for an authentic audience that appreciates student voice.
To help teachers plan ahead for the year, we have just published:
We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about this curriculum, and the fact that it’s flexible enough to use in middle and high schools. And did we mention it’s free?
Here’s to a year of helping students become better writers (and more creative and analytical thinkers too)!
Michael Gonchar