New York Times offering free digital subscriptions for JEA members


JEA is pleased to offer free digital subscriptions to The New York Times for teacher/adviser members for the upcoming school year. I hope you’re as excited as I am by the opportunity to access some of the best journalism to share with our students — from a media outlet focused on truth, facts, verification, credibility, ethical reporting and a commitment to informing readers through a variety of storytelling formats.

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve media literacy, expand your use of current events in the classroom or simply expose your students to outstanding storytelling, this member benefit is for you.

I want to thank Mark Newton for planting this seed in my mind some time ago, as the initial connection he established was a great starting point for the relationships we have now with NYT.

We have digital subscriptions available for the first 1,500 teacher/adviser members who sign up using this form.

Then what? Soon you’ll receive an automated email indicating that you have access. If you previously registered on with the same email address, you will continue to use the password already established; if you have never registered before, you will need to create a password by clicking on the link in the welcome email.

Officially our access begins in early August in line with the “back to school” season, but I encourage you to sign up now if you’d like one of the 1,500 subscriptions JEA purchased for your use.

Please contact Sarah Nichols directly ([email protected]) if you have any questions.