JEA and NSPA join forces with Partner Project

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JEA is entering the third year of its partner project in partnership with the National Scholastic Press Association to deliver on-site training to journalism programs in need.

All journalism teachers and their students deserve support and training regardless of factors like location, funding and available resources. Teachers are sometimes assigned journalism classes to teach and student media to advise, and, despite their best efforts, are unable to get things rolling. Programs may not have money to print or host a website, and students quickly lose interest when their work has no audience. Or worse, they may get a publication up and running only to come under fire because students didn’t have the necessary law and ethics training.

The adviser outreach program is designed to help journalism teachers and their students develop sufficient skills necessary for producing student media and to connect them to a larger network in the form of a professional learning community with veteran journalism teachers and their students.

For information on the program, visit:

Partner Project