Humanities Montana providing speakers, resources to Montana classrooms

Humanities Montana’s Speakers in the Schools catalog offers over 100 discussion programs on topics like public affairs, history, Native American cultures, and literature. All Montana Conversations programs encourage student engagement and participation. You can book presentations individually or you can work with Humanities Montana staff to create topical school-wide or classroom conversations using the scholars and discussion leaders in our catalog.

Humanities Montana resources

The Informed Citizen

What is the future of journalism? How can local journalism, so long a mainstay of community life, be revitalized? What can be done to increase news literacy and combat “fake news”? How has American journalism historically responded to periods of political upheaval and change?

Humanities Montana is offering a new catalog of programs focusing on these questions and others in order to encourage all Montanans to explore the role of journalism in a democratic society. Join the discussion in several ways:

  • Book one of more than a dozen programs from our special Informed Citizen catalog 
  • Work with Humanities Montana staff to put together a community conversation featuring local journalists and journalism scholars—send us an email or call Kim Anderson at 406-243-6022.
  • Watch for news about presentations by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists coming to Montana later this year

You can apply for a program funded by Humanities Montana using our easy online application (identical to our Montana Conversations and Speakers in the Schools applications). All Informed Citizen discussion leaders are selected through a careful application and review process in order to assure the highest quality.


Humanities Montana is an independent nonprofit organization that provides grants and programs on history, literature, Native American cultures, and more all over the state of Montana.